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英会話レッスン 料金プラン


Ling-en's price plan is a relief for busy people.Each minute of class time costs one point. A 45 minute lesson would cost 45 points. A 60 minute lesson would cost 60 points.

Initial Fee0円
PricingMonthly Plan
PlanMonthly FeePrice per lesson
*45min lesson
PointsYou can take as many lessons as you like per month.
Premium Plan16,200 Yen1,518 Yen480 pts.60 min.×8 lessons
Standard Plan9,936 Yen1,656 Yen270 pts.60 min.×4.5 lessons
Light Plan7,344 Yen1,836 Yen180 pts.45 min.×4 lessons
Kids Light Plan
Kids' Lessons are available for children under 12 years of age.
4,968 Yen1,863 Yen120 pts.30 min.×4 lessons
Expiration Date for Points
Unused points do not expire.
Points left over at the end of a month carry over into the next month.

  • ポイントが足りなくなった場合はポイントの追加購入ができます。
Points Plan
PointsPricePrice per lesson
300 pts.
(For 5 hours)
13,284 Yen1,992 Yen
60 pts.
(For one hour)
2,830 Yen2,122 Yen
Expiration Date for Points
You have a maximum of 90 days from the last day you took a lesson to use the remaining points you have.
Points can be added to your balance, lessons can be reserved, or texts can be corrected within the period of 90 days.
Payment MethodCredit Card Payment via Paypal
*We can also handle payment through wire transfers at a bank in Japan.
  • お持ちいただけるポイントに上限があります。
  • ポイントご購入時に3000ポイント以上お持ちの場合、ポイントを追加購入することができません。
  • 月額料金のお支払い日にお手持ちのポイントが3000ポイントを超えている場合、追加ポイントが0の「ゼロプラン(月額2,830 Yen)」に自動的にプランが変更になります。

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